Three On-page SEO Tips That You Absolutely Have to Know

If you are new to writing for the Internet, there are three on-page SEO tips you really must master if you expect your articles to be picked up by the major search engines.

SEO tips that will also give you an advantage over competitors.

Use keywords and in the right density — Before you begin writing, you must decide which keywords you will use throughout your article. This is usually a two to four word phrase that describes something about your article in a way that, when a search engine finds it, it knows what your article is about.

Once you have decided on the keywords you want to use, they should also be used in the correct density. That means your article should not have a density of those keywords of more than 3-4 percent.

Use headings — Using headings is important in any article as it also tells the search engines what your article is about, as well as what is most important about it.

Headings also break up the piece from being one big wall of text. That makes it more interesting for your audience to read, and so makes them far more likely to stay on your page and on your website.

Link to other articles — In any article you write, you should have at least one link to an article on another website.

Even more important, however, you should also be linking to other articles on your own website. Again, this shows the search engines what your article is about, how it relates to other pieces on your site and about the main subject of your site overall.

Make sure you follow these three on-page SEO tips every time you write a new article, and you should get the attention from the search engines that you want. Connect with the best SEO experts at

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